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On Site Mystery Shopping

Anonymous and Authentic...
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Audio and Video Shops Too...
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What does the on-site experience look like from the prospective of an average shopper? Are your sales and customer service protocols being put in place effectively? Is that sales environment being created that you have worked hard to create and trained your employees for? What is the experience like for a customer when you are not there to supervise? Are the parking lot, front end and rest rooms clean and giving good impressions? Are customers being greeted upon entry, and with a genuine smile? Are your policies and procedures being implemented in the manner that you have trained your employees to do so? Are the complains being resolved diligently and effectively? Are the queries being handled efficiently?

What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping is a sophisticated way of market research to evaluate the customer service standards, product knowledge and integrity of the staff.

On-site Mystery Shopping is the perfect tool to obtain an honest, objective assessment of the overall operation of each one of your locations.

This Methodology incorporates the use of the right mystery shoppers from our vast network matching your customer profile and demographics to visit your outlet. They pose as customers and anonymously interact with your staff to observe employee grooming, soft skills, cleanliness and environment, inspect hygiene, scan product, hear sales pitch, staff approach and attitude, service efficiency, name of the employees, employee friendliness, product availability, ambiance, telephone interaction, billing process, booking and follow up, upselling /cross selling technique, staff policy compliance, sales proficiency, integrity of the staff, Complain handling efficiency etc.

Post visit the shopper submits the information collected on our online reporting system. After going through a two-step quality control process, the results are then published to our exclusive analytical system and made available to your designated and approved executives.

This feedback can help you find out if your products, pricing, services, and placement are appealing to customers; measure the training and performance of frontline employees; learn if your competitor do a better job at sales, service, marketing, and operations; identify if employees are following company procedures or compliance practices; and increase focus on service and selling to help convert browsers to buyers.

Customers are spoilt with choices today, even the smallest of annoyance makes them move over to your competitor. In this economic environment, you cannot afford to lose even one prospective customer. A lot of businesses are not able to grow by expanding. So they have to grow by building market share .You do that through winning customers. After all you cannot compete on price and product forever, it’s the niche customer service that goes on to bring revenue to the doors.

Mystery shopping is conducted in almost every business line you can think of, including retail, quick service, casual dining, fine dining, banking, automotive, multi-family housing (apartments), new home sales, governmental agencies, sports and entertainment operations and venues, health care facilities, educational institutions (public and private), hospitality, travel/transportation, home services, cooperatives and associations, theme parks and attractions, gaming and many, many others.

Finally, while many companies prefer simple written and scored electronic reports to assess the operations and experiences of their locations, others want an audio or video recording of the evaluation. In this instance, written and scored electronic reports are still published, but with a link on the results page to open an audio or video player to see and/or hear the shop experience. Audio Mystery Shopping and Video Mystery Shopping is conducted in virtually every industry, but more often in automotive, new home sales, education (admissions, touring, financial aid) and health care.

During recent years, some of Gypsy Inc s client have been able to prove high return on investment (ROI) from mystery shopping. The more they spend on improving and measuring their service quality the more money the company makes. These companies now make mystery shopping an integral part of their market research to achieve their financial goals.

A “halo effect” can be seen in business and sales yield system-wide.

The implementation of a suitable Mystery Shop program can:

Mystery Shopping Benefit: