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Shopper FAQ

  1. Who is Gypsy Inc?
    Gypsy Inc is market research firm located in Mumbai, specializing in customer service reporting utilizing customer-oriented feedback from: on-site mystery shopping, telephone shopping, web-based customer satisfaction surveys.
  2. What is “Mystery Shopping“?
    Mystery Shopping is an objective view of a business through the eyes of a customer. A Mystery Shopper visits a business anonymously/secretely, posing as a regular customer, to experience and evaluate the level of customer service provided by the business. Mystery shopping provides management with a detailed assessment of employee performance and the variables that affect a customer’s experience and satisfaction with the business.
  3. How can I register to become a mystery shopper?
    • You may register online by simply visiting our website
    • Click on the New Shopper registration tab on the main page of our website.
    • On the following page, just click on the the words Click here to register as a shopper
    • Please follow the link above to complete your shopper registration.
    • An online application form will open up which will ask you for all your required details.
    • After completing the registration form, you will be required to read and ACCEPT or DECLINE the terms of the Independent Contractors Agreement (ICA). You will be emailed your Shopper ID and password to confirm your registration as a mystery shopper. If for some reason you do not receive your registration information, please use the appropriate contact us link so we may follow up.
  4. How much money will I make as a mystery shopper?
    For most shoppers, mystery shopping is a hobby or part-time venture. Obviously the more shops you receive, the more you can potentially earn. Shoppers located in a large metropolitan area will have more opportunities than those located in a rural town. We suggest if you are sincerely interested in mystery shopping that you apply as a shopper with as many different companies as possible.
    Shops pay fees ranging from 200-3500 Rupees depending on what is required of the shopper. In many cases, no fees are paid but instead you are reimbursed for a product, service, meal, etc. Some shops pay both a fee and reimbursement.
  5. Is Mystery Shopping an employment position?
    Shoppers are considered independent contractors and are NOT employees. Your services as an independent contractor must fulfill the requirements of your state laws. Most states vary in their definition of an independent contractor. You will be required to accept the terms of our Independent Contractors Agreement before you can complete your registration with Gypsy Inc
  6. How long will it take to get started or to receive shops?
    Once you have registered, your information is in our database. At that point, it is only a matter of having available shops in your area. Typically, established shoppers that have done a great job for us in the past receive priority treatment. Sometimes it might take a new shopper months to get a shop however you never really know. It depends on the number of available shoppers in a given area as opposed to the available shops we have in progress.
  7. How can I tell what shops might be available in my area?
    We normally shoot you mails about the available some cases you can even directly log in to your dashboard with your user name and password to see if there are any open opportunities.
    Tip: You can even download our new mobile app directly from google play store which are compatible with all android, ios and windows devices.
    The app is called MobiAudit
  8. I received an email listing available shops but do not see them on the website.
    An email notification is sent to shoppers generally the moment assignments are available with us, early on mornings. This notification tries to match shoppers with locations near them. In some cases hundreds of shoppers may receive notification for the same shops. If you visit our website after receiving a notification and a particular shop does not show up under open shops, then it is safe to assume it has already been scheduled.
  9. Why don’t you have more shops in my area?
    Gypsy Inc performs shops at their clients’ locations throughout the country and in several other countries. If our client pool does not include locations in your area then naturally we will not have shops for you. Shoppers located in a large metropolitan area will have more opportunities than those located in a rural town. We continually add new clients so our location list changes constantly. Keep in mind in the larger areas, we also have more shoppers trying to obtain the same shops so many times the shop is no longer available within hours.
  10. I am not receiving expected emails from gypsy Inc. Why?
    Check your SPAM rules or settings. It is possible that our emails are being deleted or sent to your SPAM folder.
  11. What if I move, change my phone number or email address and need to update my shopper profile?
    -mail addresses change much more frequently than residences or phone numbers. Gypsy Inc uses the Internet extensively to provide shop details and communicate with shoppers. If you do not provide notification that your contact information has changed, specifically your email address and telephone number, you will not receive these communications. Please login as a registered shopper and edit profile in the settings option.
  12. What should I do if I forget my Shopper ID or Password?
    You can request this information be emailed to you by clicking the link under the Shopper Login box called Need Your ID or Password? If you do not receive the email and your email address has changed since you last updated your profile, please go to the contact form and submit your information.
  13. How much time do I have to complete a shop?
    When you accept a shop, you have agreed to complete the shop by the due date. Due dates vary from 1-10 days. Missing that date can be costly to both the shopper and Gypsy Inc. In many instances, missing the due date will result in loss of compensation. Gypsy Inc maintains detailed records of each shopper’s performance and will no longer contact you for other shops if you are consistently delinquent. If you are concerned about meeting the due date, please do not hesitate to call the office immediately. Please be considerate and alert GYPSY INC so they can make other arrangements for completion of your shop. GYPSY INC may or may not be able to offer an extension of the due date based on their client’s needs, but GYPSY INC will certainly look more favorably towards you in the future.
  14. Can I take along my spouse, friend or child on my shop?
    You may take a friend or spouse along with you on your mystery shop, providing the shop guidelines do not specify otherwise, however you cannot have your friend or spouse complete the shop for you. It is your responsibility to complete the shop and return it completed on time. If your friend or spouse is interested in becoming a mystery shopper, please have him/her fill out an application on-line.
    In some cases, we ask you take along a partner or perhaps a child. A partner may help you observe during the shop. A child (especially a young child) may distract you so be very careful not to let that happen. We generally recommend that unless the shop requires a child be present, that children NOT accompany you.
  15. How do I send in my receipts from my purchase?
    Detailed instructions are provided in your shop guidelines. The procedure from shop to shop may differ depending on our client requirements. As always we urge our shoppers to print their shop guidelines before performing the shop. Once the shop has been submitted however, you may still view the shop guidelines online under My Completed Shops.
  16. How long does it take to be paid and/or reimbursed for my shop?
    Typically payment of shopper fees is made about 3-4 weeks from receipt of the completed shop and required materials, i.e. receipts, business cards, etc. Occasionally it may take longer if we have a question or need to call you to provide additional detail or clarification. We cannot process an incomplete shop and may hold the report until we are able to contact you to confirm information or answer a question on the information submitted. You should refer to the guidelines provided with each shop to understand what YOU need to do to complete the shop.
  17. Is the GYPSY INC website secure?
    GYPSY INC is committed to making sure that our website is as secure as possible and that your private information is kept secure.