Link between your customer and your employee

What if a gypsy walked into your store, looking for nothing in particular? What would you be able to sell to a gypsy? Stuff that would make his load heavier with a few small purchases?

When we decided to start with Gypsy Inc., we thought of this. Pondered over it. Delved, discussed, debated, and realized that a gypsy could be sold lots, if you could sell him right. Gypsy goes out of your shop, happy. You go home, happy.

So, what was the gypsy sold? Or rather, what did he buy? He bought your dedication, your delivery, your service, your product.

That set the base. We dedicated the gypsy our company’s name and Gypsy Inc. was born.

Gypsy Inc. works with the customer, as a customer and helps you understand your customer through your employees. We help you in enhancing and enriching the customer experience through our services. You not only know what’s going wrong, but also how it can be corrected.

We help you to take informed decisions of how to better your service and business, based on our continuous feedback, and expertise in mystery shopping audits. Through our consistent solutions of staff improvements, we help you to set excellent service delivery standards in your industry.

Our meticulous qualitative and quantitative in-depth analysis offers you insights into the voice of your employee, and help measure how motivated your staff is, which is paramount to the success of your business.

Gypsy Inc. is your essential link between your customer and your employee.